First time in a Recording Studio: What you should know

Now’s it’s to embark on your chance to record your very own music in a professional studio, how awesome is that! Your first time in a recording studio is crucial, as it can literally launch your music career into gear. Because the first time is so important you’ll want to fully be prepared and give it your best shot. The success you have when you are in the studio is going to depend on what you do before you go into recording studios.


5 ways to prep for your first Successful Recording Session

bandStudio time isn’t always cheap and it’s limited, so you don’t want to waste time. That’s why the first and most crucial step to be prepared is to know your part. Don’t be that person who forgets their lines or part ad keeps the rest of the band or studio team waiting on you. That’s super embarrassing and a waste of time.

1. Be intentional for what you are going for. Have rough demo beforehand to give to your producer to give them a rough idea of your direction and idea. It doesn’t have to be top notch quality by all means, just something to present as a rough draft. A producer’s job is basically to polish your music, so they’ll be able to run with that and guide you in the direction you need to go in the studio, saving you loads of time. Then there’s the sound engineer. The producer will generally be sitting behind the computer putting the pieces together, and engineer will be doing all of the hands on work.

2. Communicate with your band mates well before you start recording. Have several meetings before hand to be sure you are all in sync with your music and vision. Recording a rough demo will be the perfect time to do this. When you’re in studio is crucial that all members are flowing and vibing together.

3. Make sure your voice and instruments are prepared and ready to roll. But don’t practice so much that you are overworked and tired. You definitely don’t want your voice to be stressed and tired or your fingers sore from drumming your guitar too much. This alone can totally destroy a recording session.

4.When you’re finally recording your part, believe it, feel it! Feel the power of the moment and remember what you are trying to convey with your recording. It’s quite a special experience to be able to take the vision you have in your head and transfer that to the ears of listeners, so don’t let the power of that moment be lost by all the technicalities involved. For musicians be fully present in your playing and believe and feel what you are playing. It’s not always easy to shut out all the distractions, but when you do something special happens.


And this is the kind of special you’ll really want on your first recording and those to come.