How to look awesome in your corporate photo

take a photo  Want to get the most out of having your corporate profile photo taken?  Whether it’s for a website, name badge, company newsletter, it’s nice to have a professional looking headshot, where you don’t look like a total idiot. Here are a few basic tips to help you pull of the perfect headshot when booking with Brisbane corporate headshots.

 1. Plan your attire

Wear something neutral, without words and lot of frills on it. The key is to accent your face, so avoid anything that’s loud and draws attention to the photo. Most corporate employees wear business casual items in a solid color. A collared button up, a work coat, or blouse will do the trick. Patterns or stripes don’t transfer well on camera. Also patterns which look cool on your clothes may be too busy on camera. Think about wearing something plain that will look good no matter what size the image is. Wear colors that compliment your skin tone but that are not too bold that they draw away from the point of the photo.

2. Remove the shine

Most portrait photographers will use artificial lights. This is to ensure that they can get consistent results from the portraits. Artificial lights are perfect for brightening up the face and removing unwanted shadows and contrast. The disadvantages of studio lighting is that it can make your skin look shiny and greasy, especially those prone to oily skin. For women use a little bit of concealer, foundation, or powder, but avoid heavy makeup as it can look thick and cakey on camera. For men, a simple face wash before the shoot and an oil removing sheet will do the trick.

3. Be well groomed

Make sure your hair is neatly groomed, styled and combed. If you are rushing to have your photo taken chances are your hair will be messy and end up all over the place. Bring a comb with you in case you need to fix a few fly away strands beforehand. Keep the style simple, nothing too dramatic. Remember these are for work, so save the extras and artistic self-expression for your social media networks and dating profile.

4. Make up

make upThis is a professional shot of you at work. So think about that when you’re applying your make up. A natural look always works best. For ladies, perhaps skip on the cat liner and glitter. Whatever you would wear on a night out probably won’t work for a corporate head shot, so just keep it simple. You want the image to be a good professional representation of yourself.




5. Glasses

If you are going to wear your glasses, there are a couple of things that are really worth doing. First of all give them a really good clean. Remove any dust, fingerprints, eyelash hair etc. Make sure the lenses are spotless, to avoid glares. A useful trick is to push your glasses as far back as they will go. That way your eyes are visible.

6. Know your angles

Most people know how they look on camera and what side of their face they prefer. Let the photographer know so they can accentuate that angle. If there is a feature of your face that you don’t like or something that you are self-conscious of, also let the photographer know.

The position of the camera also makes a difference on how your face appears. If the camera is slightly below face level and titled upwards, your face will appear bigger. If it’s above you and tilted downward, your face will appear smaller. Generally a straight even shot level with your face is best, but be aware of chin placement, as you don’t want a double chin in the shot. Try elongating your neck slightly to keep a contrast between your neck and chin.

7. Say Cheese!

smileLastly don’t forget to smile. Play around in the mirror first to see which smile works best for you. Do you prefer closed mouth or open mouth smile? If you are self-conscience of your teeth then a closed smile works best.  If you’re not sure, ask your photographer. They can take a few tests shots and can work with you to find what suits you best. Smiling can come off staged if you’re not really feeling it. It helps to think about someone or something that way your smile is real and natural.