5 Tips to Prevent Pests in Your Home

Keeping a house nice and tidy is not easy on top of our fulltime job and the effort to get 8 hours sleep. We can hardly find time to look after the house during the week after we deduct the hours we spend at work, on sleeping, eating, showering, and relaxing. Sometimes you might encounter unwanted obnoxious pests that are looking for a warm, cozy place to curl up in your environment. Not only will they disturb your living place and make it hard to relax, but also they can be extremely dangerous to you and your loved ones. I do recommend that if you find the pests in your home becoming really serious, you should look for pest control service in a great and famous professional pest control team—pest control in Sydney’s Northern Beaches to eliminate them instead of doing it yourself. You don’t have to use pest control spray that pollutes your indoor air and puts you at risk for cancers and nervous system problems. Here I have 5 tips to pest-proof your home in 20 minutes.


1.    Clean Up Your Kitchen

clean up

Kitchen is the most desired place for pests as it is where we prepare food and use water. Food and water—everything pests need. That is why it is important to clean up your kitchen after use. Use 20 minutes to wipe away any spills on your kitchen countertop, put your dishes away, sweep your floor, put away food, and empty your rubbish bin. When your kitchen is clean, and there is no meal for pests, there won’t be pests coming in to look for their meal.


2.    Seal Up Their Doors to Enter Your Home

seal up the door

Another practice you can take is to seal up their entries into your home. They can always find little holes to get into your cozy home. Pay attention to your windows and door frames, dryer vent and any other pipes that enter or leave your home. Seal up all small and large holes, and they can stop pests from coming into your home.


3.    Vacuum


Well, we all know that it is not practical and possible to be able to seal up every hole in your home, but a vacuum can help! Apply a weekly vacuum routine, and that can suck up all crawling insects. Vacuum is a great way to eliminate crawling insects that make it indoors, especially if you hate squishing insects.


4.    De-clutter Your Home


You should also spend 20 minutes de-cluttering your home, in addition to cleaning up your kitchen and vacuuming. Put your piles of dirty clothes into washing, clear away that pile of junk mail and newspaper on your kitchen countertop. Put things back where they are supposed to be. Clutter like that only serves pests as a nice, dark and hidden place.


5.    Fix Leaky Faucets

Fix Leaky Faucets

All living things need water to survive. The most common water source for them apart from the shower water in your bathroom is the dripping faucet. It is very easy to fix a leaky faucet. Not only can this remove water source for insects, but also lower your water bill, and it is good for the planet as well.