6 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out



A job is not easy to find in this competitive world. Landing a job is a combination of skills, ability and luck. For any HR personnel and hiring managers, they are usually immersed by dozens of resumes. It is not possible to interview everyone, so the resume becomes essential for landing an interview. When you see a perfect job that you always wanted listed online, excitement and anxiety hit you as you want it so bad. You start to review your CV and want to send it in straight away. One thing you need to realize is that once a job is posted online you will have hundreds even thousands of competitors. What is more, the hiring manager would only give a 5 second quick skim to every resume. Sometimes they don’t even go through all the applications they receive. Yes, that is how cruel it is. Therefore a resume that stands out is extremely important for landing that interview. Here I have 6 tips for making your resume stand out.


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1.    Use Incorporate Industry Keywords in Your Resume but Don’t Overdo It

Try to include words and phrases like “accomplished,” “developed,” “managed,” and “team player” in a natural way. Hiring manager would likely just have a quick skim instead of trying to understand what your sentences mean. Those words are usually the traits a hiring manger looks for, so your resume that contains those words would likely leave a stronger and deeper impression.


2.    Tailor Your Resume to the Job

Read the job description and requirement carefully and tune your resume to the job’s specific requirement by highlighting your advantages that fit the requirement.


3.    Apply Modern and Professional Format

Use modern and professional format in your resume so it is pleasing and inviting to see and read. Ditch that word format for a resume (that is a real no no), make sure you will use PDF instead. Also a resume including a professional corporate headshot can make a resume without one stand out 3 times more.


4.    Error-Free and Easy to Read

One single error can result your resume in the “no” pile. Errors are the first thing you want to avoid in a resume because it makes a resume look very unprofessional and not being taken seriously. Don’t forget to put the most important information on the first page.


5.    Use a Header

Inserting a clear and hard-hitting header on the top of your resume will make your resume look more professional and shows that you take this application very seriously. Don’t use an ordinary objective like “Resume”, think of it like a billboard—make it unique so people remember it.



6.    Customize Your Resume to Tell a Story

You don’t need to discuss your hobbies and politics in your resume. You should use your resume to bring the reader through a story about how you have advanced over the years by gaining professional experiences, accomplishments and skills. Don’t make it too long either—hiring manager won’t have time to read your life story. Make it short enough to skim in a single sitting.