7 Things You Should Check Before Heading off For Your Christmas Holiday

Festive seasons are supposed to be happy and celebrative, but plenty of people have shown that festival season is becoming very stressful. We have to think about the activities we need to do with family, arrange the events—dinners and parties, and choose presents for our family and worry if they will like it, or if it is what they want. After you have done your responsibilities and satisfied your families, you might have a holiday in mind. Here comes another headache, planning a perfect relaxing holiday can be time-consuming and stressful. You need to make sure you won’t forget to pack anything you are going to need, but also want to make sure your home stays secure and safe when you come back. The last thing you want is to come home from a holiday and get affected by things you forgot to take care of before you head off. Here I have put together a simple checklist of things you should check before you head off for your Christmas holiday.


1.    Clean Out the Fridge

Clean Out the Fridge

Clean out the food that has been opened and the food that can’t last long in your fridge. So many people come back from a holiday to a fridge full of perished food, rotten tomatoes, spoilt milk and molded yogurt.







2.   Empty Your Rubbish Bins

Empty Your Rubbish Bins

If you have any left-over food or sugary items in your rubbish, you must make sure to throw it out before you leave home. Because they can go bad and attract pests into your home. You will get the shock of your life if you leave them in the rubbish bin.




3. Clean Your Gutters

Clean Your Gutters

Debris and leaves can easily clog your gutter. Clogged gutters on a rainy day is very dangerous. The water that runs over side can damage your foundation of the home, walls and the plants around your home, which can cost thousand dollar bills when you come home. Therefore check your gutters before you leave home. If they are damaged, engage a gutter repair man to fix them.






4.   Make the Bed and Change the Sheets


We all know, sleeping in fresh and beautiful-smell sheets is the best. If you change your bed sheets before you leave home, you will come home to the most comfortable bed. Dirty bed sheets contain dust mites, and they get worse during the time you are away.





5.   Lock the Windows and Doors, and Double Check

Lock the Windows and Doors, and Double Check

What is worse than coming home to a house that has been flipped over? Lock all windows and doors before you leave home, and make sure to double check.






6.    Pay Your Bills

Pay Your Bills

Seriously, remember to pay your bills before you head off for your holiday. If you don’t, you might have late fees added to your bills, which is totally unnecessary.






7.Hold Your Mails and Water Your Plants

Water Your PlantsBurglars aim at the signs that show the home owners are away for holiday—piled mails in your mailbox and dying plants. Ask a neighbor that you trust to water your plants and get your mails.