7 Things Every Bride Should Do Before the Wedding

Finding the love of your life and having a perfect dream wedding a dream come true for most people. The moment he got down on one knee in front of you and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him is special and extraordinary. But then very soon, that long and intimidating to-do list comes to knock on your head. Your wedding is something that both you and your fiancé remember for the rest of your life. You want it to be perfect, so when you and your spouse hit that big 50, look back to the time when you were both young and in love. Lovely, isn’t it? Here, 7 things every bride should do before the big day.


1. Create a Back-up Hair and Makeup Plan

makeup planWell you never know what would go wrong on the big day, and I bet you hope nothing goes wrong. The only way to make sure everything goes smooth is to have a back-up plan. Master yourself a makeup and hair plan that you can carry out yourself just in case your stylists don’t do what you ask.




2. Have a Heart-To-Heart with Your Families and Besties

If you are worried that your relationships and friendships would be at risk once you become a Mrs, talk to them! Having a heart-to-heart conversation with them and telling them your worries help you reduce stress you already have ticking off that to-do list.


3. Test the Taste of All Food and Drink That Will Be Served

Make sure you like it first, if so, it should meet your guests’ standards. Food and beverages is a crucial element in a wedding. One of the most effective ways to entertain your guests is to provide them yummy food! Nothing works better than that.


4. Have a Date Night with Your Fiancé

date night

Going on a romantic date with the love of your life while you are excited and in love is best, isn’t it? Go enjoy that moment of emotion, excitement and love before you hit the big day. That will help you both connect and bond better.





5. Discuss Joining Finances if You Haven’t Already Done So

These days, less and less people concern about that piece of paper—marriage certificate, let alone joint account. In love but also independent on each other has become a new and popular way of a relationship. If you and your fiancé decide to celebrate your commitment to each other, it is a good idea to discuss with your fiancé about what account the bills should go into.


6. Learn Wedding Dance

What is worse than you feel awkward and beautiful at your wedding because you are worried about your dance! If you and your fiancé were not born a dancer and not a professional dancer, it is a great idea to drag him along to wedding dance lessons and learn a few taps!


7. Practice “the Kiss” with Your Fiancé

kissIf you are one of those who feel uncomfortable and awkward when kissing in public, you should definitely do this. Especially you don’t know if you are going to get nervous kissing your fiancé in front your loved families and best friends. Can’t hurt!