8 Tips for Improving Children’s Concentration

For grown-ups, it is not hard for us to push ourselves to stay focused and concentrated. However, it is natural for children to get easily distracted, due to their curiosity, exuberance and energy. Concentration is very important for children’s academic performances and other physical activities like sports. Luckily concentration is something that can be improved in various ways. Certain habits and rules can make it easier to focus and be less restless while doing their homework and carry out other tasks. Continue to read below to find out.


1.    Break Big Task into Small Tasks

For a child, a big task may sound intimidating and overwhelming, which might frustrate them at the first place. A big task also require a lot of concentration and discipline. Therefore it is a great idea to break a big task into several different tasks. Also you should give them validation and praise when they get each little task done, that helps them realize they are making progress and helps them feel good and stay focused.

2.    Reduce Distractions

It is easier for most of us to stay really focused and concentrated when we are doing something we really like. Same goes for children, except that it would be just a little harder. You should try to reduce the distractions in the environment where your child carry about tasks. Especially distractions like TV, loud music and other noises are the most common but worst distractions for children trying to be concentrated.


3.    Turn Off Television and Cellphones


If your child has a cellphone already, you should ask to put it on silent and put it away during tasks like doing homework. Texting has replaced talking in younger generation nowadays, and young teenagers can text all day long. Knowing his friends are texting is a huge distraction for him. Watching TV while doing homework is also not a great idea. It will decrease efficiency and concentration.


4.    Doing Homework at the Same Hours Every Day

Repeating doing something turns into a habit. If you sit your child down for homework around the same hours every day, after a while, less effort will be required to focus. They will also be less reluctant to do the homework when the hours come.





5.    Give Them Enough Physical Activity

Physical activities not only help children stay fit and healthy, but also help them with focus and concentration. It is also another way to vent out extra energy, and make it easier for him to focus.


6.    Let Them Have Some Fun

Just like us, we can’t work for 24 hours and we often need time to relax and unwind, so we can go back to work re-energized, children are the same. If you give them too many tasks or activities to do, it can be overwhelming and tiring for them. Throw some leisure and fun activities in between will help them feel less pressured.


7.    Enough Rest

Enough rest is important for children’s health. It is also very beneficial for improving children’s concentration. Aiming for 8 hour of sleep a night is essential, and a nap in the afternoon is also very helpful.





8.   Take Them to Class

Another way is to take children to classes where they can do activities with other children, as that help them try harder and put more effort. Classes like kids kung fu lessons are very helpful and beneficial for their physical health and also a great way to get them stay still, and that help them with their focus and concentration.