Benefits of hiring a DJ versus a Band

So you’re tying the knot, congratulations! Now comes the really hard part, actually planning every aspect of your big day to ensure that not only you enjoy and treasure the memories that will no doubt be created, but also for your relatives to celebrate the union of their family with another, fulfilling many of their dreams to see you up on that altar, swearing your love to the person you love.

And next comes planning the reception. There are many factors that you need to consider: the food, the venue, who’s going to sit where, when it comes to the initial planning it can really make your head spin! However, one key element that needs consideration is the music. Music has the inane ability to reinforce an already special occasion, indeed the music is part of many a brides’ fantasy, from walking down the aisle, to the first dance; there are many parts of the day that will need to be underlined with meaningful music.

And when it comes to the reception after party, you’re going to want to leave it to a professional to handle this all important part of the day. However, the choice now comes down to whether you want to hire an entire band ensemble or you want to hire a DJ. So let’s discuss a few of the advantages of hiring a DJ over the band.

Set up and space requirements

When you are planning the layout of the venue, it will quickly become apparent that you only have a limited amount of space for all of the day’s events and activities. So it’s important that space is utilized in the most efficient way possible. This space that your musical selection also takes up has to be factored into the overall space limitations of the venue itself and this is the main advantages of the DJ over a band.

Setting up a DJ booth can be as simple as dedicating a small area to the side of the room, usually where the venue’s sound system has also been set up with merely a few relatively small pieces of equipment. He can create a wide and varied playlist without hogging half of the dance floor, they are also able to work with any kind of space that you give them, meaning that if the room is of an obtuse shape or you are having large ornamental pieces that have to also be factored in, this will have no impact at all.

Whereas with a band, not only is it actually several people playing instruments, who will all require a certain amount of space to set up(particularly if they are using a drummer). Also the problem of adequate amplification and connecting the instruments to the venues sound system will most likely require the use of long, trailing cables. These can pose a significant problem to not only the space limitations of the venue but also the very health and safety of your guests.

Setting up and packing down

After the day is done and your wedding reception is over, the work unfortunately continues and it has to be factored into your overall plans as to how the venue will be cleaned up, how all photographs and other mementos will be ordered and distributed for your friends and family and how all the people who contributed to your big day will be compensated for their services. You will also need to think about how outside contractors and third parties such as caterers and photographers will have to pack away their equipment and goods and have them transported to their premises.

You will also have to factor this in for whoever provides your music and the major downside of hiring a band is that they can take a long time to disassemble and unhook their various instruments and equipment and have it loaded into a vehicle and moved. This all in all can take up to an hour if you have a large band and I very much doubt that you will want to spend time after your wedding watching somebody pack down a drum kit.

A DJ on the other hand, more often than not, can work with as little as a laptop and maybe two CDJ’s at most and is therefore much simpler in this respect. A great way to liven up your wedding can also be the use of additional things like photobooths, these fun and memorable way of generating fun snaps with family and friends is a great way to take pictures that will last a lifetime, click here to find out more about photobooth hire in Sydney.

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