How to choose the right engraver for your trophies

While it may seem like a fairly obscure thing to discuss, needing to have trophies engraved is actually a service that comes up quite regularly. If you put some analysis into this then think of the amount of after school clubs, sporting events, amateur, semi pro and professional that are hosted at all times throughout the year. There are also, in some respect, a corporate interest in trophies. Quite often larger companies will host what’s known as an AGM or Conference where different members of the teams in various different branches will all come together to not only discuss important topics relating to the industry but also give out awards to individual branches and staff members who have done something important for the company as a whole.

However as we said at the start, the industry of producing and engraving trophies is a one that isn’t really frequently used by individuals, and most of us wouldn’t have a clue as to what to look for ion a professional that is offering this service, So hopefully we can go through a few of the more important things that you should be looking out for when it comes down to getting your trophies engraved. Why not check out some advice on how to get the best trophies engraving in Sydney from the site linked here.


As with any service it’s absolutely vital that you have their past work verified by people that have actually used the service themselves. Once upon a time this used to be a fairly difficult task, with there being little way of verifying the claims of a particular provider and out of convenience of commissioning the job many would simply take their word for it. Whereas now in the days of the internet it’s easy to find trustworthy and accurate reviews, furthermore most people are far more aware of how to do this these days and also the consequences of not properly researching a company before using their services. After all with all of the horror stories out there why you would not do the easiest bit of research on exactly what they have been doing in the past?

So make sure that you don’t just take their word for it and do a quick Google search to establish how trustworthy their own claims are.  However most companies these days are aware of just how important the opinions of their previous customers are and many will be happy to provide references form local people who have used the service.

Types of engraving offered

There are many different ways that you can engrave the metal [plaque on a trophy’s and some of these range from the styles done using a methods known as sublimation which is where something is literally “printed “ onto the surface of the plate and is the most common method used by companies today. This kind of work offers not only a choice of different colours for the engraving but also is extremely cost effective and suitable for a variety of materials.

Then there are things like laser engraving which while being quite expensive and fairly time consuming with it possibly taking up to 20 minutes to complete a job depending on the intimacy of design required by the client are still becoming more and more popular with customers due to its flexibility and clean smooth look on completion. A good engraver that is truly worth his salt will be more than happy to explain the different kinds of engraving he offers and the pros and cons of each one as well as suggestions to which one they would recommend to your particular requirements. However if they seem deadest on only providing one kind of more expensive engraving then this should be a significant red flag that they are just trying to get the most out of you rather than actually trying to find the best solution for you, and in this circumstance it’s probably best to walk away and source a different provider.

Quote and receipt

Make sure that before you pay you receive a full written quote detailing exactly what you wanted and then check to make sure it matches up with what was discussed during the consultation phase. Then once you have paid make sure to keep hold of that quote and any receipt you receive should there be an issue with the work later down the line.