How to deter burglars from your home


As the old saying goes “a man’s home is his castle” and that is certainly how it feels (at least from a male perspective) your home should be a place where you can forget about all of the stresses and strains that you go through in your day to day life in order to focus more on some of the things that you enjoy doing in your spare time and just generally relaxing. Subsequently when it comes to your newly proclaimed “castle” it has to have some defenses. After all, what’s a castle without a drawbridge, moat and turrets and a few knights of the realm of John to defend it, and how many castles do you know that leave the gate up and the doors unlocked and unguarded?

We are of course talking about your homes security and what you do to ensure its success. Although rather than focusing on the physical things that you can do in order to keep intruders out, we will talk about the things you either do or do not have that will serve as a basic invitation for an experience burglar. So let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to deter burglars and make your home appear impervious to break-ins.

Ladders in the garden

No, no and no, basically, putting a ladder in either the front or back yard of your property is just asking for an intruder to use it to force a window open. After all when you close a second story window how often do you lock it? Right because logic dictates that a burglar is going to be rather unlikely to elevate themselves to that level unless Superman has come to revive you of your plasma TV that is. However if you then happen to leave a tool that does exactly that in a place where they can get to it easily then that is exactly what will end up happening.

So make sure that your ladders, and indeed all of your tools that could proves somehow useful to a break in in a secure shed or ideally, in a room out of the way inside your actual home such as under the stairs or in the bottom of a closet. Doing this will prevent them from having easy access to the less well secured and easier to enter second floor of your home and this in turn will be a major deterrent.

Secured Doors

Secured DoorsNow one of the main ways other than a window that intruders will try to break into your home is to force open your front door using a variety of methods. They could try to pry the door with a crowbar, break any glass or windows and simply unhook the catch or even simply barge the door down until the frame of the door around the latch of the lock brakes on the other side of the door allowing it to simply swing open, allowing access with complete ease. There are some many ways of cheaply and easily securing all of the doors in your home and yet so many people care to neglect these easy and quick to install solutions in favor for just leaving their entire house open to easy access form even the greenest of home intruders.

So make sure that you look into any of the solutions available from the simple, cheap and time tested, Yale deadlock and improved door frame, to a security screen door, which is like an insect screen except rather than keeping out insects, they are resistant to tampering or entry by humans with some of the brands offering assurances of protection for everything up to an angle grinder. This will obviously limit the intruder’s options with the door as while they may have access to an angle grinder potentially, they definitely would draw much attention to themselves from your neighbors and passers-by that happen upon the act in progress. After all, there is little legitimate about angle grinding a lock off a door in gloves and a ski mask is there?

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, hopefully now you are in a better position to secure your home and family and keep both safe to the very best of your ability. Security is one of those things you can’t pay for. But you can buy.