Event Transportation – Bus for Hire

bus There are several types of transportation services available these days. When most people think of a bus, they mostly think of school buses or public transportation services. But did you know that you can actually rent a bus if needed? Buses are made to transport a large number of people, typically anywhere from 20-60 depending on the size of the bus.  Why would anyone want to rent a bus for that many people? Well in the article we will cover some of the events that private buses are being used for and some of the benefits…




6 Events perfect for Bus Hire!

  1. Weddings – No matter the size, weddings are always a fun time that require just the right kind of transportation. They can also be a rather stressful time so why not hire a bus and staff to ensure the bride and groom arrive safely on time. You can also hire a party bus for after the ceremony or a larger shuttle bus to take guests from the church to the reception or hotel.
  2. Wine Tours – Have a large group and don’t want to worry about drinking and driving? Then a bus hire is an excellent solution. You can hire a driver and a bus for long distances to visit different wineries. It’s a great way to relax on the road, see the countryside, chat with your friends, and really get your money’s worth out of your wine tour.
  3. Corporate Events – When it comes to corporate travel, from managing small meeting events, airport pick-ups, to company outings, a bus hire can really be a great way to transport employees. Conventions are also a good time to utilize a bus hire service, as parking can be particularly difficult at these larger events. That way company can also keep track of their employees.
  4. Sporting and Recreational Events –Ensure your group arrives safely and on time! Whether it’s for kids or an adult team playing out of town, a bus hire can provide safe transportation services plus it allows your group to travel together. They can take you from venue to venue and provide transportation to and from games.
  5. Cruise Liner Transport – Some cruise liner company utilize bus hire service to take their passengers from the meeting location to the ship.
  6. Music festivals and Events – Have a large group attending a boat party, special event, or music festival? Adding a bus hire service and eliminate the hassle of parking and also give guests a fun time together in transport.


As you can see there are many events that a bus hire service can be really useful.  Larger buses can be a more practical and efficient way to get around when you have a larger group of people. And for those based in southern Australia, whether it’s for business or personal use, bus hire in Adelaide is a great way to get to and from your event safely, whilst enjoying the picture-esc views of the city and countryside.