Fake Lawn or Real Lawn

fake lawn


real lawn


Always after buying a new house, the question on your mind is to use a fake lawn or real lawn for your backyard. This article will ho

pefully help you to choose your desired lawn and to ensure that the law you chosen is to your liking. This article will compare both the fake lawn and the real lawn to give you a brief idea how it is like.



Do you lots of time on your hand for maintenance duties? Or do you have no time to maintain your lawn? I’m usually busy at work and have limited time to maintain my lawn. Real lawn will need a lot of your time in order to maintain it and to be able to achieve a green beautiful lawn. Real lawn will have weed growing out, you will need to water it daily and you will have to mow it frequently.

Fake lawn on the other hand still needs maintenance but not as much as real lawn. You will still need to brush the fake lawn and to rinse it once in a while. It will keep the fake lawn beautiful and to allow the blade to be standing upright.


With the level of technology nowadays, fake lawn looks real like real lawn. The only way to differentiate between a fake lawn and a real one is to look at it closely and to feel it. From afar, both of them looks the same. A fake lawn can easily be mistaken as a real lawn.


There is a huge difference between both of the different types of lawn. Initially, fake lawns will cost much higher than real lawns but, over the years, the maintenance of real lawns will snowball into a much higher cost than having a fake lawn.

Fake lawn comes with a big upfront cost of about $20 per square foot. Once it is in place and installed, it will be almost free from additional cost for the next 10 to 20 years. Real lawn only cost around 50 cents to a dollar per square foot but it needs both time and money to maintain it. You will need to spend on water, fertilizers and other maintenance equipment.


The feel between both of the grasses are different. Real lawn feels natural but fake lawn feels like plastic. Real lawn will be able to stay cool through the summer but fake lawn due to it being made of plastic, it will easily heat up over the summer. However, both lawns are safe and comfortable to walk, stroll and lay on comfortably.


After reading through the article, it really boils down to what you like. If you do not have the time on your hand to maintain real lawns, you may be more suitable to get fake lawn laid out in your backyard. If you still insist on getting real lawn in your backyard, you may consider getting alternatives like low maintenance turf grasses from a local turf supplies supplier.