What to look for in a good optician



Everybody wants to see the world clearly, after all most of the time an experience will mostly be defined by your memory as what you saw more than anything else. So it’s important that your eyes can see as clearly as they can be made to and are as healthy as possible, for this there are many things that you can do to avoid poor-eye health and other associated symptoms however for correcting your vision, you will need to seek the services of a reputable and skilled optician in your area. They will be able to diagnose what exactly is disturbing your vision and can formulate a prescription for your glasses that is tailored to your eyes.

While 99% of opticians will work to at least a professional standard and those 1% that do not are quickly weeded out by their patients, however, every optician is different and some will go to extra lengths to assist their patients with finding the optical solution that is best for them whereas another might just recommend a set range of treatment unless otherwise asked but they may be less willing to recommend something more time consuming for them. So with that in mind here are a few helpful pointers to keep you on the right track when it comes to finding an optician you can trust your vision to.


Often the problem with many of the chain or high-street based opticians is the pure fact they are expected to treat patients in a ridiculously short and pinched amount of time. This can lead them to not be quite as diligent or take the time that is really needed to sit you down and check all aspects of not just your vision but also your eye health overall. This is a very important job that your optician does and proper medical examination of the eyeball can be an indicator of many different ocular diseases as well as some more serious complications that can arise. A good optician pays due diligence to this fact knowing that they could be potentially saving their patients vision and possibly their health overall.

You want to look for an optician who is in no way speeding up the process or trying to hurry you along. Another important thing to keep an eye on is in how many ways the optician checks your eyes and not just with vision tests to determine you vision field and prescription strength but also how many diagnostic tools and exercises they go through with you, like checking you eye pressure and checking how your pupils react to the light. All of these things will give you an idea of how seriously they take your health and that they are not going to compromise it for the sake of treating and prescribing more patients.

Types of eye doctor

While all eye doctors are actually called “Optometrists” they sometimes have a further specialty or training in different aspects of this field of medicine. First of all if you are having a problem with your eyes health or you want to discuss something related to treatment for a pre-diagnosed condition then you will probably be looking to see an ophthalmologist, who specializes in treating eye diseases and conditions. Finding one that suits you as a patient, will assist your recovery from such problems and are less concerned with your overall vision and prescribing lenses.

Whereas if you are looking to discuss things that are directly related to your vision, finding different lenses for your glasses and exploring different treatments and ocular devices to improve your vision and you want help in finding one that is best suited to your eyes then you would be looking to see an optometrist who can help you explore these options. If you are looking to enquire about something specific like contact lenses or even something like laser eye surgery then you have to check in advance that the opticians you are visiting offers that service or product you are interested in. Otherwise you will waste a journey and the doctor’s time by asking if he has it only to get referred to another optician.

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