What to look for when hiring a Private Investigator.

There are many different reasons one might need to employ the services of a Private Investigator, whether they are chasing down a overdue debt or they suspect their spouse of infidelity, there are now many different agencies offering some kind of private investigation service. But what traits should you look for in your P.I? What questions should I ask? What should I expect as a minimum? Hopefully this article will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right P.I.

Always get work samples and case studies!

You wouldn’t hire a painter and decorator to paint your home without first seeing customer reviews and examples of past work and the same is very much so for private investigators. Although the information and reviews you receive will have names retracted from them, it should give you an idea about the quality of work and the experience of your P.I.


The scope of services.

The range of services offered by a P.I or agency can vary quite substantially, particularly seeing as the industry operates from every size company from large multinational agencies who can offer an extremely broad scope of services beyond the simple fact finding that a local freelance P.I can offer. While the services trequire will vary case by case, its always worth asking the representative or indeed the P.I themselves if any other services they offer could benefit you.

The thin gray line.

Due to the nature of the industry and the requirements of their clients, many P.I’s operate in a loosely defined area of the law and while a legitimate Private Investigator will endeavor to follow the rules laid down to by the local authorities, it is always good to be extremely clear on the methods that your P.I intends to use and whether you agree to them, or not.  A P.I worth his salt will always be happy to explain what he can and can’t do and how he intends to operate within the confines of the law.

The colour green.

Another thing you want to have in very clear terms is how they intend to charge for their services, some are billed by the hour, others are billed by daily salary. Some require you to pay food and travel expenses, while another may just ask you reimburse his phone bill for the calls made regarding your case. Always make sure to review the fine print ideally with your P.I so that any queries you had can be handled directly by the person charging you. He should be able to give a detailed breakdown of any fees and expenses and provide receipts in the case of the latter.

Ultimately contracting a P.I can be a sensitive issue and you will obviously want to ensure that the Private Investigator you choose is of the highest quality to handle your private affairs. For more information on this process please visit private detective sydney.