Professional Recording Studio vs. Home Studio

Ω When it comes to using a home studio vs. pro studios, great results can be achieved with either. However, a professional recording studio can be less frustrating and can actually save time and money. These days with all the choices of recording software, laptops, digital interfaces, affordable microphone preamps, and everything else in between, why should we still record our music in the studio?

Still on the fence about hiring a pro or setting up at home? In this article we will touch base on just a few reasons why you should use a professional music recording studio vs. a home set up.


5 Reasons to Use a Professional Recording Studio

1. Experience & Knowledge

The professionals in the studio from engineers to producers know how to get the sound you desire and are familiar with all the studio equipment, helping to cut down time in terms of searching out that perfect sound. You’ll find at a professional studio you’ll save a lot of time by having skilled pros at hand who know what they’re doing and how to do it.




2. Top of the Line Equipment 

Many studios spend tens of thousands of dollars into hardware, software, microphones, and even instruments. Having all these resources is a huge perk of using a professional studio.  Sometimes, at home we can’t achieve the sounds we have in our heads, and sometimes it’s due to the lack of experience and or equipment. Working in a studio with great equipment definitely helps get the creative juices flowing.

If you are looking to record your first single or album, then investing in a proper music recording suite is definitely the way to go, as it will create a much more professional sounding recording.


3. Sound Quality Room

Professional studios are built to acoustic standards so that everything sounds clean and pristine, and not like the one that you recorded in your dad’s garage. You’ll get fuller sound, and the percussion will be tighter when you use a good studio room. When you record in home studio environment you’ll find you probably won’t be as satisfied with the sound, especially with the percussion.

4. The recording environment

The above are very important, but equally important is the recording environment. Sound needs space to propagate and do its thing. There is a lot of science in how wave forms behave and interact with each other. In an untreated space this can cause unwanted reflections, frequency augmentation or cancellation and likely issues in the low end. A studio will have acoustically treated rooms designed to deal with this and capture your performance beautifully.



5. Objective Feedback

The number one thing you can only get a professional recording studio is professional direction and feedback.  When you do all your recording at home alone or with your band mates, you only communicate with people who are heavily involved in the process, who have a personal stake and no objectivity.  At a recording studio, you get the advice and the constructive criticism of professionals who have spent years in the industry, who have heard thousands of musicians and know what it takes to help each one reach their full potential.


But Can You Afford To Work With A Professional Recording Studio?

Just like home recording has gone down in price thanks to advances in technology, many professional studios have also become more affordable