What services do Private Investigators offer and why do I need them?


As the outcomes and expectations of using a private investigator will vary greatly from client to client, many agencies and freelancers are offering different services to best suit these outcomes. How this would effect you and the outcome of the investigation can sometimes be confusing, luckily this guide should help you understand what a service is and whether it is truly necessary for your particular needs.

Background checks.

A fairly obvious and well known service provided by P.I’s, Background Checks are often people to check a suspicious friend or spouses past. Most P.I’s will offer this service in one required by employers for certain kinds of jobs like high end banking and childcare, but is also used by ordinary way or another and its applications can vary greatly so ensure to ask the P.I handling your case what they7 hope to achieve with the Background Check.



A slightly more niche but rather self-explanatory service provided, surveillance is the art of observing and recording a person, object or vehicles movements and actions throughout the course of a day. This service is often used in missing persons cases, cheating partners and sometimes in conjunction with tracking down debts.


With only 16% of P.I’s offering this, it could definitely be considered a niche service. Fraud investigation services are used for a multitude of different reasons. From assisting with identity theft investigations to certifying that a job applicant has the relevant experience that has been claimed. The applications of fraud investigation is huge as the term “fraud” is actually defined as misrepresentation, naturally there are infinite ways in which somebody can misrepresent themselves.

Building Dispute Investigation.

Sometimes a builders or contractors work is not up to standard, was not what was originally quoted or sometimes inrare circumstances the individual will abscond with money or refuse to work after payment. While not always something that is listed, most private investigators will offer this service as it falls under on or two of these services. They have the necessary legal certification and contacts to track down not only the individual but also previous clients of the contractor to see whether or not this was an isolated incident or if this is a regular practice by the individual.

Cheating Partners and Infidelity

Probably one of the most well know services offered by P.I’s and is surprisingly not one of the more commonly listed services by P.I’s, this is the practice of uncovering potential unfaithfulness, theft and other issues of trust in a relationship. This kind of investigation will seek to determine whether or not the suspicions of the hiring party are true or false.

As we demonstrated the services of a P.I are not just limited to sitting in their car with a cup of coffee and a pair of binoculars. Most P.I’s are very resourceful and inquisitive by nature, so they should be able to quickly identify the services that would be most appropriate for your particular situation.

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