How to Start a Life Coaching Career and Make Living Out of it

Life coaching can be an extremely rewarding and personally fulfilling career. If you happen to love helping people reach their maximum potential and want to make money when you teach, mentor and lead, a career in life coaching is the right fit for you. This industry is booming, and now it is worth $2 billion, thanks to the advanced technology and internet. What’s more, it doesn’t need you to have a degree. All it needs is passion and dedication just like all other forms of business. Keep reading to find out how to start a life coaching career, ways to get extra income and finally make a living out of it.


How to Become a Life Coach

1. Find Out Why

First, you need to ask yourself why you want to be a life coach. Are you in for money or personal fulfillment? This question is extremely crucial before you start a career in life coaching. The answer determines your niche as well as your bottom line. If you are in for money, be a business coach. If you are in for the pleasure you get when helping other people, pick a niche that could really help others with and make an impact.

2. Pay to get Your Life Coaching Certification

Life coaching can be a tricky career as everyone can claim they are a life coach just after watching a 15 minute tutorial on YouTube. This career doesn’t require a degree, and there is no governing organisation overlooking its legitimacy yet, which enables many people without an actual skill set online to claim they are a life coach and mislead people. A life coach is supposed to have a knowledge about personal development and your specialty. A proper life coach should gain a coaching certification before getting out there and mentoring people.


How to Make Money as a Life Coach

1. Create a Website

create a website An online presence is a must have for today’s businesses. Internet has penetrated into everyone’s life and become one of main ways for people to look for answers and things they are looking for. A website ensures your services or products up and running 24/7, which is something an actual store can’t achieve. Also you can significantly expand your market to people that you were never able to reach before.





2. Create Content

Helpful and quality content is one of the ways to attract visitors and build your authority in your niche. You can write blogs that provide helpful and useful information on your website on a consistent basis, or making videos on YouTube. Videos are an easier-to-follow format and have become more and more popular these days. You can also start making extra income through the adverts in your videos on YouTube which is the second largest search platform that people use nowadays.


3. Get Active on Social Media

social mediaSocial media is a platform where you get social and connect with people in the same industry, and these people could be your potential clients and will expand your network. Some of the most used and popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, I highly recommend using YouTube as your main online platform apart from your website. Not only YouTube is a money earner with huge audience and potential, but also it is a great social media platform to interact with your audience and clients.