Things people forget when organizing a wedding

Weddings are seemingly universally stressful, completely overpriced, a strategic and practical nightmare to organize effectively, and then once you have finally paid your dues (both in cash and also in hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears) then you will most likely spend a good bit of the day either critiquing the hard work you have paid for, picking holes in the work of the employees needlessly and just in general not spending the necessary time enjoying your most important day with the people you love, and ultimately, that’s what all the money and work is for right?

So it’s no wonder then that the vast majority of people forget or overlook things till the last minute and these will generally be the glaring errors that you notice throughout the night, these will be the smaller and seemingly less important things that you will need to nail down early in in order to maintain a coherent vision of what you want for your wedding.

The Music

music in wedding


Surprisingly, one of the most frequent things people wish that the put more effort into for their wedding is the music and this generally stems from a misunderstanding that it is “just music and will be easy to come up with” when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth and it requires a fair bit of consideration. The first question that you must ask is you happier with a DJ or would a live band be more appropriate? When looking at the pragmatisms, while having a live band provides an incredible experience and a more prominent, warm and natural atmosphere, they are also substantially more expensive.

This unfortunately comes with having to deal with multiple people as opposed to just one person when hiring a DJ, so cohesion in this regard can become difficult in terms of expectations, attitude and payment. Often times they come with a lot of equipment and most wedding bands charge for delivery and setup. There is also the impracticality of more problematic music to play on instruments live.

Whereas with a DJ while the sound might be more synthetic, they are far more adaptable than a band operating with instruments and are able to play a wider selection of music of varying genres and can be just as effective at getting the attendees of your big day excited. As with most things it comes down to budget and what kind of atmosphere you are looking to create. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t rule out bands entirely as a cost effective way can be to employ a freelance wedding musician to perform a selection of meaningful songs and have a DJ cover the party music.

Seating and furniture

Seating and furniture


Probably one of the most ignored and monotonous facet of a wedding to most people will be the riveting and wholly interesting choice you make for your furniture and seating. However, sarcasm aside, it can mean far more to the attendees and will impact your guests a lot more than may be obvious at first.

Their relaxation and very comfort during both your ceremony and your reception is quite literally on the line and choosing the appropriate seating is always something that nobody appreciates. But hopefully with a little bit of forethought and a few spoonful of creativity, you can turn a dull and humdrum part of your wedding, into something that truly makes it stand out from the rest.

Why not look at having some hay bales made into benches and comfortable chairs for an outdoor wedding, giving your special occasion rustic and country feel which can make everybody feel closer with both nature and each other., or even long picnic and Simply call your friends and ask them to “contribute” a pieces of furniture like chairs, end tables and coffee tables over to your guys big day, by doing this you will ensure that you have a variety of interesting and visually attractive selection of chairs.

Ultimately though it’s not the material things that you have for your wedding that really matters, it’s more the celebration of the start of yours and your partners’ new life together and ultimately, that is what will be remembered more than anything else. Well unless your auntie Elizabeth happens to collapse onto the cake or something like that.