Things to Consider Before Deciding to Restore a Classic Car 

Many of us enjoy practical hobbies and enjoy working with our hands.  This can take many forms, woodcraft, metalwork, pottery, electronics and near countless others, but one of the most taxing kinds of practical hobby has to be restorations.  Whether it is furniture, antiques, vintage electronics or even cars, there is a lot of skill and knowledge required in whichever speciality interests you.  Restoring a classic car especially requires a sizable commitment; you will need a lot of time and money to ensure that your project stands a chance of succeeding.  Make sure you do your research before even contemplating buying a restoration project, otherwise you might find yourself purchasing something destined to be a classic pile of rust.

restore classic car

Be passionate

classic car

Restoring a classic car is a very time consuming pursuit, if you have a busy life already, then restoring a classic car is not going to fit into it very well.  You need to ensure you find a car that you are passionate about, but passion will only carry you so far.  You are going to require a good space to work in, where your classic car can be housed and be safe from the elements whilst you work as well as a very decent budget.  The average classic car restoration costs in excess of $25,000, including the purchase of the car, but can easily soar way beyond this depending on the work required.  If all of this sounds like it is still for you, then you can start the hunt for your restoration project.

Finding your car

Finding a car that you fall in love with and can pour your time, energy and passion into can be a very tricky prospect.  Classified ads, online auction sites and specialist classic car dealers are the best places to start your hunt, but don’t simply settle for something based on price.  Make sure you know enough about the car you are intending to buy and never agree to a sale without seeing the vehicle first.  If you understand the market you are about to compete in, then you can make sure that you are getting a good price when you buy your car, but always make sure you are completely happy with what you are being told about the car, and perform your own inspection before discussing a price.

Tools and skills

restore classic car

Aside from the basic tools you would expect to find in a garage such as screwdrivers and wrenches, you may well need more specialised equipment such as an engine crane, and larger jack stands.  It is also definitely worth learning skills such as welding and soldering to assist with your project as you never know what problems you will encounter and what you will need to do to remedy them.

Finding the correct parts for a restoration can be difficult, but quality dealers and manufacturers such as Cavallino Motorsport can really help your project along.  Whatever you decide, ensure that you are truly ready for the mammoth task you are about to undertake.