Things to consider when choosing a makeup artist for your wedding

While its your big day, most brides are acutely aware of how important their looks are to their own confidence when it comes down to the crunch of taking those first steps down the isle and towards you life with your new spouse. A lot of that confidence will come from the way you style your hair and how your makeup compliments this. After all what’s the point of spending that much money on a beautiful elegant wedding dress, if your makeup will either make your face fade into the back ground, or look overdone and cheapen the dress’s look.

Get recommended

If you’re getting married then there are many different ways of gaining referrals and if your to the point where your booking a makeup artist then the chances are you’ve probably already developed a bit of a network. If you’re working with a wedding planner then they will definitely have more than a few recommendations the chances are she also has pictures of their work. However if you’re planning yourself then hit the internet, ask in forums, look at Google business reviews and carefully examine photographs of work provided to see if their skills are worth the price.


With the amount of weddings that are no doubt happening every single day, make-up artists generally become booked up at short notice so it’s important you sit down asap to gauge whether they are the one for you. Some examples of topics to discuss are: your obligatory trial run and whether they are willing to provide this? Are they able to assist with your tiara and veil? If you have sensitive skin, are they willing to apply your products or can they provide a different solution? And what brands of makeup are they planning on using? All of these questions can help you formulate an educated opinion on whether you are getting good value for money.  If you decide to hire this particular artist, then ensure you book them as soon as possible.

Book your trial day

Lock in a time for you to sit your trial run, generally a popular option is to have your makeup artist attend the wedding rehearsal and then you can try everything that you currently have in unison. Ensure that you run over what you want on the day, and once they are finished be sure to run through any changes you’d like to make and make sure they are aware of your schedual on the day. Its no good sitting your makeup when your supposed to be arriving at the church. To ensure that your day goes smoothly then this is extremely important to clear up with them. And lastly take some selfies when they’re finished. Not only is it a nice little keepsake of your wedding journey but you then also have a picture to examine and reflect on leading up to the wedding and the chance to make any changes to what is planned to be more prepared for the day itself.

For further reading and information regarding this process, please check out the link to this makeup artist.