Tools that Private Investigators often use

The media in general are not exactly helpful when it comes to how they choose to portray and represent Private Investigators in various parts of today’s culture, including in movies and TV series. Often portraying them as fanciful rouges with hearts of gold that operate on the fringes of both the law and society fighting for what’s right while battling their personal demons while at the same time trying to do the right thing by their own family and close that one big case that’s haunted them for years. Which makes for a great story however is about as divorced from the truth at this point as Mickey Mouse is from the lives of real mice.

Quite often the only accurate thing in these stories is the nature of private investigators themselves, quick witted, super resourceful and able to adapt to anything that a particular investigation my throw at them they are indeed perfect investigators. However the tools they use are by no means as complicated or high tech as they are portrayed to be and often times it’s in their ingenuity of use and their application in cases by individual private detectives thinking outside the box that makes them so amazing and in this article we will be looking at some of the tools more commonly used by investigators.


Pen recorders

Pen recorders

Now often part of your private investigators work will involve documenting both interviews with significant people associated with the case and with yourself as to the individual details of your case and to try to unravel what actually happened. They can also record telephone conversations if they get the person they are speaking with permission or permission from the relevant authorities or the courts. However recording people face to face poses a different problem entirely as they have to be discreet when doing so as more often than not, the knowledge that you are being recorded will make you, let’s say, reluctant to tell the truth.

So gone are the days when a bulky, boxy and obvious recording device would need to be carried around back in the day. The new generation of microphones can be fitted inside the casing of a pen for example, or inside a button, but suffice to say that they are discreet enough from great distances away to necessarily draw attention to the fact that a subject is being recorded. Some of them even combine super powerful directional microphones to pick up what is being said from varying distances away. These have since become an invaluable addition to the investigators arsenal and are commonly found in many a car and office ready to do their job. Having a subject’s testimony on record being spoken by their voice is pretty hard to dismiss in court.


Night vision recording monocle

Visual recording with some kind of camera is also often asked of Private investigators and many will offer to record of the subject of the investigation as they go about their business whilst on public property. This can serve as invaluable evidence and provide important insights into their actions, lifestyle and day to day routine. All of this is important for the future progression of your case and to successfully build up a concrete bed of credible information. And providing not only written details but a physical video of them actually doing what was said further validates your claims for their activities and makes them hard to dismiss.

However as with being audio recorded, being visually recorded has the same effects in that people will often change their behavior to make themselves appear more innocent and some will be totally opposed to the idea of being followed and filmed, and while in most jurisdictions this is totally legal while on public grounds it will still hamper your investigation. Hence why investigators often turn to these monocular recording devices to be a little more discreet and also mobile as they don’t have to lug a camera round and their design is small and ergonomic. They often also come with a night vision mode to assist with recording in darker environments or nighttime.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, hopefully now you have a better grasp on the kinds of equipment PI’s use. For more information on finding a Private Investigator in Sydney.