Top 6 Myths about Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way for decades but just in the last decade or 2 it started to grab people’s attention. While artificial grass is growing fast these days for its low maintenance advantages, such as no watering, weeding, mowing and fertilizer needed, and it remains a fresh and green look for a very long time. However there are still several common misconceptions about artificial grass that are stopping people from making the final decision of installing synthetic turf. Artificial grass plays an important role in creating a low maintenance garden, as a real lawn is something that really takes time to look after in a garden and it usually needs mowing every 2 weeks and weeding every a few months. Synthetic lawn completely saves you the hassle of mowing, weeding and even watering, and it also cut the cost of using fertilizers too. Do you have several questions that you need answers for regarding artificial grass? Read on to find out the common misconceptions about artificial grass.


1. Artificial Grass Requires No MaintenanceGrass Maintenance

One misconception that lots of people have is no maintenance required for something fake and synthetic. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance but it doesn’t mean it requires no maintenance. Basic care is still needed for the sustainability.




2. It’s unhealthy

This myth could have been true for the synthetic turf in the past, or low quality products. However, these days artificial grass has been improved a lot and it is completely safe for both health and environment. The crumb rubber and the material associated with low concentrations of lead have been banned in many places around the world in production of artificial grass. When it comes to unhealthiness, real grass may contain higher risk to health, just think about the pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


3. It Get Too Hot

For this one, it is true that artificial grass gets hotter than real grass. Real grass is a sort of plant that is alive, so it don’t usually get very heated up. Artificial grass does absorb and transfer more heat but the subsurface cooling systems and lighter-colored infill can substantially reduce heat.


grass4. It Doesn’t Drain

Synthetic grass nowadays have a comprehensive drainage systems including a permeable layer and drainage layer. It drains totally fine.




5. It Lower Property Values

Giving up the real grass and installing the artificial grass might have sounded like something that would lower property values in the past, but in this global warming world artificial grass has become one of the “green” symbols that increase property value in real estate industry. Because it requires nearly no watering and fertilizing, which means a decreased water bills and no cost of fertilizer. Many properties that have artificial grass installed are considered eco-friendly in plenty of cities around the globe.


6. It Fades in Direct Sun Light

Artificial grass has been modified and improved a lot compared to the ones in the past. Those ones in the past did fade over time but quality artificial grass nowadays incorporates UV inhibitors into the fiber resin, and the color will not wear out either in high volume of traffic or direct strong sun light.